Luxury Label Hanifa Breaks the Internet With Virtual 3D Fashion Show

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

While social distancing and stay-at-home orders linger with uncertainty and impede in on day-to-day life, many entrepreneurs and business owners have been forced to shift due to the current global state.

On Friday May 22, Congolese designer Anifa Mvuemba showed exactly what is means to do just that.

The 29 year-old fashion designer debuted her "Pink Label Congo Collection" via Instagram live, virtually transporting everyone in attendance to her motherland of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Hanifa brand captivated viewers utilizing curvaceous 3D models all while bring awareness to Congo's inhumane mining conditions.

Before the fashion show commenced, Anfia was very intentional about educating her audience, with a short documentary bringing awarness to mineral site conditions as well as women and children who suffer as a result of these issues.

While the virtual fashion show seemed to be right on point with today's current times, Mvuemba said she had plans for a digital show long before the stay-at-home order.

According to Teen Vogue, "The designer has been using 3D mockups for a while to convey ideas to her team during sample-making. Anifa stated “designing content using 3D models and now an entire collection has been a complete game changer for me."

Shortly after the close of show, it didn't take long for Twitter to get their hands on screen recordings and sing their praises. Fashion designer,humanitarian, and trailblazer all wrapped in one, Anifa has definitely set the tone for what's to come in the fashion industry. The 8 piece collection is now avaible for purchase and will ship on Congo's Independence day, June 20.

Click below for a virtual recap.

Shop: Hanifa.co

Instagram: @hanifaoffical

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