Kiss Press On Nails That Will Make You Ditch The Nail Salon

Quarantine has birthed a self sufficient queen!

Like many others when house arrest began in March (stay-at-home orders), I had a mini meltdown when nail salons along with the whole beauty industry shutdown due to Corona.

Although I wasn't going anywhere because of the nation wide shutdown, I knew I was going to need a quick fix very soon.

During the first half of Corona, I didn't put to much pressure on myself to maintain the up keep of my nails but now that life is returning back to normal (well kind of), my nails have made its way back to the top of my priority list.

Now let's get into the part that YOU really care about. Where did I purchase these nails that have me DITCHING THE NAIL SALON.

I purchased these press on nails from the local beauty supply store. No not Sally's but your local ethnic beauty supply store (or you can purchase them on Amazon for a bit more.)

These almond shape Kiss french tip press on nails only cost me a whopping $7.99! Yes, you read that right, $7.99 compared to a $40 plus gel full set.

I love these nails because they look professionally done, they are not to long, and I get tons of compliments on them. Now for those of you who are wondering about their durability..., listen I'm two steps ahead of you.

I work part-time as a waitress and let's just say I haven't run into any problems with them coming off. I do a lot of hand washing, carrying plates, and lifting and still leave with ALL of my nails in tacked.

If you follow the instructions and make sure you're buffing your nails and putting the right amount of glue on them, you won't run into any problems.

You can expect these beautiful nails to last you about a week in a half to two weeks (if you apply them the right way.)

I love these press-on so much because they don't ruin my real nails like acrylics normally do leaving them dry, weak, and brittle.

To put the icing on the cake, these nails are also 100% reusable and shower proof! If one happens to pop off, buff your nail, glue it back, and return to your regular schedule life.

These press ons are great for those who still don't feel comfortable going to the nail salon, can't wear nails at work due to dress code and need a quick weekend fix, or for those who just simply want to try something new.

Press on nails are becoming more and more popular especially with nail techs creating customizable flashy nail art (these are really nice but can be a little pricey and take forever to ship.)

But if you don't want to deal with that hassle, these nails are your best bet.

To purchase these nails click the image below. Or visit your local beauty supply store.

Click me!

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